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Ing. Albert A. Ogyiri, FGhIE, was inaugurated as President of the Ghana Consulting Engineers Association on July 12, 2016, at the Engineers   Centre.

The inauguration saw over 85 participants including the Minister of State, for Public-Private Partnerships, Hon. Rashid Pelpuo, representatives from the Ministries and Government Agencies, the Managing Director of Ghana Water Company and the members and pioneers of the Association.

Ing. Kofi Asare-Yeboah, the Immediate Past President, also administered the inauguration of the other members of the New Council.

The President in his address, stated that the sustainable development of any country can only be spearheaded by the indigenous trained manpower to meet the socio-economic and environmental needs of the country and Ghana is no exception

He said that “the transformation of Ghana into a ‘Higher Income’ country would be through the development of safe, sustainable, resilient and good value infrastructure.         

The GCEA, comprising member firms and individuals, is a key player in the delivery of such infrastructure.  The member firms of GCE provide consulting engineering services in the provision of infrastructure in the areas of Information and Communication Technology, Roads and Railways, Building Management Services,  Water Supply and Sanitation, Drainage  and Structural, Engineering and Industrial Buildings, Electrical Power Supply, Transmission and Distribution, Manufacturing and Processing Plants, etc.

The GCEA is therefore a necessary partner to both Government and the Private Sector in the pursuit of the national developmental agenda”.

He proposed the following measures namely, strengthen individual member firms, increase membership and be recognized.


1.  Strengthen Individual Firms

· Pressure on government departments and  agencies for fair and competitive procurement of consulting engineering services

· Establishment of a minimum fees scale    threshold to guarantee good quality work which will also serve the interests of both Client and Consultant;

· Collective pressure to bear on government departments and agencies to minimise delays in payment for consulting engineering services;

· Capacity building of member firms and knowledge sharing on statutory requirements and soft skills;


2. Increase Membership

· Membership drive to register practicing consulting engineering firms and individuals as members of the Association;

· Organize training courses for members to add value to their expertise;

· Develop working partnerships among members.


3. Statutory Recognition

· Co-operation with the Engineering Council of Ghana to sanitize and regulate the practice of   consulting engineering in Ghana; 

· Maintain its status as the sole accredited country member of FIDIC and GAMA.

In accordance with the register of firms registered with our parent Institution, the GhIE, approximately 100 firms and individuals have been registered as consulting engineering firms practicing in Ghana. Out of this number 46 have registered with GCEA but only 18 have been active.

Furthermore, due to financial difficulties as well as socio-cultural challenges encountered by practicing firms, many partnerships have been dissolved and more engineers now practice as individual consultants. Numerically, the larger firms are downsizing and narrowing their scope of expertise.

The result of this is that as the need for engineering consulting services grows in the demand by the complexity and magnitude of the necessary infrastructure to transform Ghana into a higher income bracket, the country is shifting towards the importation of expatriate consulting engineering services

The effect of this in the immediate term is lack of job opportunities, inadequate relevant training of our young engineers and in the long term, our lack of capacity to maintain and sustain our infrastructure.

Therefore, in order to resource the GCEA members to capture the commanding heights of the consulting engineering industry in Ghana; we have to collectively work              assiduously towards the goals of strengthening our firms, increasing our membership and pursuing statutory recognition of the Association and its members.

At the end of his address he invited all engineers who are practising consulting engineering in Ghana, or who intend to do so in the future, to join the GCEA to collectively strive for an enduring legacy.