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In his acceptance speech, he acknowledged and applauded the contributions and support made by member firms.

He encouraged members to maintain the energy and commitment level to stay on course, so they can be an example to others – both in the industry and beyond – and an inspiration to the young men and woman who will be joining the profession.

He outlined a ten (10) point strategic goals for his term in office;

  1. Build upon the good works that has been achieved to date.
  2. Strengthen the secretariat by adding new roles/functionalities to support its operations.
  3. Improve stakeholders’ engagement (with GRA, MWH, PPA etc. )
  4. Continue to build and improve the participation of training programmes.
  5. Strengthen relationships with member firms through increased engagement and setting up regular bi-monthly visits.
  6. Increase membership by at least (10%) percent.
  7. Continue to promote GCEA Objectives.
  8. Elevate the profile of the Association by leveraging new media.
  9. Maintain the existing cordial relationship with GAMA and FIDIC.
  10. Improve YP (FIDIC Future Leaders/FFL) participation.

Mr. Viala concluded that the industry is confronted with enormous challenges, but that with the support of all, in the fullness of time this Association will achieve its vision.